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Sat Dec 8 13:58:43 EST 2007

On Dec 8, 2007, at 12:10 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Trevor DeVore wrote:
>> The Finder uses the following criteria to determine if something is  
>> a  package:
>> * The directory has a known   
>> extension: .app, .bundle, .framework, .plugin, .kext, and so on.
>> * The directory has its bundle bit set.
>> * The directory has a known structure type indicating it is a  
>> modern  or versioned bundle.
> How does one set a file's bundle bit in a post-ResEdit world?

I just did a quick Google search and could only find references to  
using a system API call.  If you were going to use an external you can  
use FSSetCatalogInfo and set the kHasBundle flag for the folder. I  
imagine someone could base an external off of the code in this posting:


PathFinder allows you to set the bit in the property dialog for the  
folder. Maybe someone can find an AppleScript or command line utility  
that can set the bit as well.

I just read something interesting that said even if you do register  
certain extensions as packages for your application it is still good  
to set the bundle bit. This causes the package to show up as a package  
on systems that don't have your application installed.

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