Packages (was: copy large files in Rev on Mac)

Mark Smith mark at
Fri Dec 7 12:24:45 EST 2007

But since any app can create it's own bundle documents, that list  
(and I haven't been able to find it) will probably never be exhaustive.

Also, bundles of any sort are selectable in the answer file dialog,  
but not the answer folder dialog, however, 'the files' does not  
include them while 'the folders' does.

So we can know if a bundle selected from the answer file dialog is a  
bundle by
answer file "Choose..."
if there is a folder it then -- it's a bundle

But, if we want to know if one of the folders returned by 'the  
folders' is a bundle, I don't think we have a sure way.

If we wanted to copy all the documents in a folder - and those  
included some .rtfd or other bundle-type documents (with whatever  
file extension),
'the files' won't give us the complete list of what we need, and we  
don't have a totally reliable way of filtering 'the folders' to add  
the documents we need to the output of 'the files'.



On 7 Dec 2007, at 16:19, Stephen Barncard wrote:

> There is probably a list somewhere of standard packages that are  
> instantly recognized by OSX without a .plist.

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