copy large files in Rev on Mac

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Dec 7 05:24:39 EST 2007

Hi Chipp,

> On Dec 6, 2007 3:32 PM, Trevor DeVore <lists at>  
> wrote:
>> Chipp,
>> I think I may have missed something earlier in this thread. Why do  
>> you
>> think that OS X doesn't have an API for copying bundles (really
>> folders)? I just did a quick search in XCode and saw  
>> FSCopyObjectSync.
>> It takes a pointer to the source object to copy. The object can be a
>> file or a directory so it doesn't matter if you pass a file or a  
>> folder.
>> Trevor,
> Earlier I asked if Apple had such an api, and Klaus answered, "I'm  
> afraid
> not :-/"

Yes, my fault, shame on the ignorant!

> So, I just assumed they didn't have one. That's the confusion. If  
> they have
> one, it seems Rev should be able to implement it.
> Ian, sorry, don't use revCopyfile, and especially not revDeleteFile  
> as I
> once passed it a empty string and it deleted the contents of my  
> hard drive!

Really? OUCH!

> I prefer the "put URL into URL" syntax.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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