copy large files in Rev on Mac

Mark Smith mark at
Thu Dec 6 19:27:06 EST 2007

Well this will be non-blocking, but I don't think there's a way to  
monitor progress since ditto only produces any info when the copy is  
done, even with the -v (verbose) option. I think it's the same story  
with cp.

on shellCopy pSource, pDest
     get shell("ditto" && pSource && pDest && "> /dev/null 2>&1 &")
end shellCopy

This works on OS X, and I'd think Linux. there must be an equivalent  
on Windows.



On 7 Dec 2007, at 00:07, Kay C Lan wrote:

> On Dec 7, 2007 5:35 AM, Ian Wood <revlist at> wrote:
>> The copying problems are occurring because revcopyfile is blocking
>> and people are trying to come up with non-blocking *workarounds*
> Thanks Ian for getting us back on track!
> I've been been waiting with baited breathe for someone to provide a  
> 'wow
> isn't Rev cool' solution to this problem, but ended up almost  
> sufficating
> because we somehow got sidetracked on separating the files and  
> folders from
> an OSX bundle/package/app. Don't care, OSX files, folders
> bundles/package/apps work fine for me, I just NEED a workaround for  
> my app
> to keep going whilst it's also copying 40GB of data.
> I'll return to baited breathe status in the hope for that 'cool Rev'
> solution.
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