copy large files in Rev on Mac

Ian Wood revlist at
Thu Dec 6 16:35:21 EST 2007

On 6 Dec 2007, at 19:12, Chipp Walters wrote:

>  [CORE] The Win32::CopyFile() function copies an existing file to a
> new file. All file information like creation time and file attributes
> will be copied to the new file.
> This sort of function has been present in api's (including system 9
> Macs) since I've been programming. I just don't understand why it's
> Rev's fault that Apple's current OS doesn't support something as basic
> as "copyfile" for ALL their files?

Chipp, you're aware that both answer file and revcopyfile both WORK  
on packages without any tweaks at all?

The copying problems are occurring because revcopyfile is blocking  
and people are trying to come up with non-blocking *workarounds* -  
because it's not always acceptable for the app to lock up for the  
length of a 1GB file copy operation.


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