OS X cgi error

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Dec 6 13:48:18 EST 2007

Richard Miller wrote:
> Paolo,
> I am positive I am using the correct engine. I downloaded it again to be 
> sure.
> What other possibilities exist as the source of this problem?
> Again:
> - Nothing in the cgi-bin except for the Darwin engine and the hello.cgi  
> script.
> - The hello.cgi script is saved as a text file.
> - All permissions in the cgi-bin are set to 755.
> - The owner of the cgi-executables folder is my login id.
> - The group is "www"

I have never seen the "license" error you mentioned. I just downloaded 
the same engine and tried it on my intel iMac. All I did was drag the 
engine file to the CGI-Executables folder. From Firefox, I opened a URL 
to the "echo.mt" test script and I got the "premature end of script 
header" message, then remembered I hadn't set permissions, so went to 
Terminal to change the engine permissions to 755. After that, it worked 
fine. Did you use Terminal to set permissions? The Get Info box won't 
always work for that. Also, the line endings in your text file should be 
unix endings (LF).

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