Setting paths to Externals in revolution

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Dec 3 07:54:09 EST 2007

Buongiorno Paolo.

> Dear Revs,
> as you know if I select new externals  from the Rev Inspector,  
> Revolution
> gets the absolute path... so if I move the application to another  
> computer
> it will not work .  The standalone application needs a relative  
> path for
> the externals.
> Referring to the solution presented  by Trevor Devore and  Ken Ray   
> at the
> page:
> I tryed a simpler solution. The following script (ONLY FOR MACOSX)  
> will
> upload all the externals placed in the Externals folder of the bundle
> standalone application.  As far as I know  it works fine . Why I  
> have to
> create a stack "myExternals" ?  Am I going to face some problems using
> this simple script at sturtUp of the application?
> Best regards, Paolo Mazza
> on startup
>   ...

if you set the external "on startup" then the trick with the extra stack
is NOT necessary!

I always set my external dynamically "on startup" and never had  

The extra stack "myexternals" is necessary when you want to set  
AFTER the app has already started for whatever reasons.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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