OT: rant about trees and pubic hair... (was Re: Welcome to Scotland)

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Sat Dec 1 11:35:58 EST 2007

on that one, I think pubic hair is wining... for example, yesterday,
while driving to the mall, I was handled a pamphlet with a discount
coupon for "removing my pubic hair", the pamphlet had a table of body
parts and prices and I noticed that the only missing body part in that
table was the sole of my feet...

As for the jungles, we still have some as big as some european
countries... now, while living in a desert might seem frightening, at
least you can see two meters from you (except on sand storms). Now
think yourself in a jungle, a real one, where trees are everywhere and
you really don't notice things like insects, spiders (which are
specially big here), monkeys, snakes, indians (yes, they are invisible
in the jungle, you just notice them if they want you to notice them,
and yes, there's still indian tribes in here that *never* met our
culture - or lack of culture -).  Anyway, there's still jungles here
in south america and on asia too. And I'd take the desert before going
to the jungle. And I'd rather see all pubic hair extinct before seeing
more trees go off.

On a side note, I am really angry with the "sindico" (does that word
exist in english, it's the person we elect in our community to manage
our villa, no ties to anything, pretty informal). The silly woman is
an architect fond of concrete. 20 years ago, me and other very young
kids planted a mango tree. Some mango trees take forever to fruit and
ours was fruiting now for the first time. The sindica (female form of
sindico) chopped the tree to make more space in the parking lot that
nobody uses. We also had a ancient palm tree in the middle of the
road. It stood there, all tall, we call those trees the imperial palms
for they were a symbol of Brazilian Empire (yes, we were once an
empire and a united kingdom together with portugal and algarve).
Imperial Palm Trees are really beautiful and tall and ours stood in
the middle of the street, cars needed to dodge it and in 25 years I
live here, no one ever crashed in it. Cars don't go more than 20 kph
here inside the villa. The sindica also choped the tree saying it was
in the middle of the road... well, it been there for more than 25
years (it was already big when I arrived) and now it is gone...

So our forest and trees are going down, people here don't seem to
value nature and are ready to bring down everything to build more
houses, buildings, all in the name of progress. Some years ago, I'd
always see monkeys on the trees near my house, sometimes even inside
the house, now, I am happy when I see birds...

anyway... should we go to "Brazil, the greatest of the somewhat jungle
infested, wax happy, tree choppers country in the world"?

On 12/1/07, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Dec 1, 2007 9:35 AM, Andre Garzia <andre at andregarzia.com> wrote:
> > What about "Brazil, the best really big jungle infested country in the
> > world!" :D
> >
> Welcome to Brazil
> Where jungle & pubic hair are competing for extinction
> ;-)
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