Export Snapshot - documentation issues

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Fri Aug 31 16:33:20 EDT 2007

Recently, David Bovill wrote:

> A few experiments later....  and it seems the message is that the docs
> are wrong - firstly there seems no point using "of object" form,
> instead use only of "window windowID".

If I understand what you're saying, one syntax form for an object is:

  import snapshot from rect (rect of <obj>) of <obj>

This imports a snapshot of the object to the card using the object as the
source.  The reason for doing this is it grabs the alpha data of the object
as well, keeping any transparency intact.

The export syntax is:

  export snapshot from rect (rect of btn 1) of btn 1 to file fPath as PNG

This does the same but to an external PNG file.  You can also use the other
image formats (ie JPEG) as well.  You can also export to a variable.

Is this what you were asking?


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
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