Output keyboard input to Text Notes

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Aug 30 19:04:53 EDT 2007

Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hi Sivakatirswami,
> Check out the midi stack in the collection of unsupported stacks 
> somewhere on the Rev homepage.

Liam Lambert set it to me.

Thanks Liam;

Ok this works (almost) at least there is an integer value for each note 
on the
"piano"  and middle C is 60, c# is 61, d is 62 etc so translating that 
will be easy.

I just need to extend the keydown handler to encompass the letters
and viola, keyboard.. though bound to be a big sluggish as playback
requires quickly saving a temp file and playing it in QT player rather than
a direct call to QT midi API...

but I think this is a solution for now. Wish me luck.

> Best regards,
> Mark Schonewille
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> Op 30-aug-2007, om 21:29 heeft Sivakatirswami het volgende geschreven:
>> I think I asked this a few years back, and will try again:
>> I would like to be able to input a single melodic line and
>>  have this output to the hold Hypercard musical notation format.
>> I think Supercard also had this option.
>> I don't recall all the exact method in which tempo was represented by
>> you could have a string like this:
>> c c+ d c+ d e e f g c+
>> etc and you get a melodic line...
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