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Brian Yennie briany at
Thu Aug 30 04:50:47 EDT 2007

One workaround would be to actually encode it *as* htmltext:

replace "<" with "<" in tData
replace ">" with ">" in tData
answer ("<p>"&tData&"</p>")

Not sure that is a scalable solution if your html becomes more  
complex, but perhaps it will work as a kludge if your needs are  
simple. Otherwise, you might have to dig in the Rev IDE scripts to  
see what it is looking for to trigger the treatment as htmlText -- I  
don't believe it is an engine behavior unless that has recently  
changed. IIRC Rev scripts are making the call before it's passed to  
the engine?

> If I put a simple text file on a server that contains the following:
> <hello>
>   world
> </hello>
> ...and I script:
>  put url pathToServerFile into tData
>  answer tData
> ...I get this:
>  world
> How do I tell the answer dialog that I *DON'T* want the HTMLText?   
> I want
> the actual text!  Arg.
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