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Richard Gaskin wrote:

So that's who killed Wingz.  I've always wondered about that.  Wingz was
an unusually useful program, and when it was EOL'd I never really
understood why; it was so original that I felt the only problem with it
was its marketing, the challenge of selling something that so redefines
the spreadsheet.

I've long advocated such an approach, doing away with the inflexibility
of row-and-column fixation which characterizes most of the market, and
which arguably is just a holdover from pre-GUI character-driven  

But it's a tough sell:  so many people have become so used to being
bound to the limits of traditional spreadsheets that it's difficult for
them to conceive of a more open way of working.

I have a half-dozen prototypes on my hard drive experimenting with a
similarly free-form approach to making a calculation tool like this.
The combination of the marketing challenge, Excel's dominance, and Rev's
lack of column alignment kept it on the backburner.  I can't feel to
badly that Apple's beating me to the punch on delivering this, since it
almost requires a company of their size to validate such an unusual
approach to get people to take it seriously.

One odd anomaly with Numbers, though:  no macro/scripting language?
Strange omission....


I apologize to everyone about this off topic issue. WingZ and  
HyperCard were so VASTLY important to me and my research - still are  
- but I see the EOL fast approaching - unless someone can get WingZ  
3.0 going on a Mac and I can convert over all my HC work. WingZ could  
be scripted almost as easily as HyperCard.

I'd say the general user public was not interested in such  
flexibility and power. Programmers would be though. I located some  
links to the program:

A good article on and about the program, etc. 

Download the WingZ program from here:

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