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Wed Aug 29 12:36:03 EDT 2007

 >Has anyone looked at the native format used by Apple's "Numbers"?

Some interesting history might help with this question... many years  
ago (1989?) Apple purchased the kernel for their spreadsheet used in  
AppleWorks from WingZ (now long since defunct). They paid $1,000,000  
for it. I know this because I was using WingZ 1.0 and absolutely love  
the program. It had (even at 1.0) far more capability than MS's  
skinned down bleached out program. WingZ went bust, I suppose, for  
lack of market. Anyhow, the current version of AppleWorks can accept  
a cut and paste of the data and formulae from WingZ. However, since  
Apple did not implement ALL of WingZ capabilities some things don't  
work as well.

It is PRESUMED the new "Numbers" spreadsheet is a derivative of all  
this. If not I reckon it's sol time (again).

On the other hand, the original code for WingZ 3.0 was dumped to the  
web as a Linux program. Not being a Linux programmer I was not able  
to get it to run on Mac - though I do have that code in the event  
anyone wants it, let me know.

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