no selection rectagle with screen grab?

Remembrix1 flm at
Thu Aug 16 17:32:43 EDT 2007

Hi Everybody,

Just officially joined. I don't see the problem on my Aluminum
Powerbook. However, I have been trying to figure out why I get a black
background when I export a snapshot via a script that selects the
area. When I alter the scrip to force manual selection, this doesn't
happen. It exports fine then.

Any thoughts?

Fred Maynor

On Aug 15, 10:24 pm, Richard Gaskin <ambassa... at>
> Thanks for the info, gang.
> I just updated Terry Judd's bug report on this with the information
> we've discovered today:
> <>
> It used to work so well, disappointing to have to consider pulling a
> feature from one of my apps....
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