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Phil Davis revdev at
Tue Aug 28 22:34:42 EDT 2007

Hi Alex,

Alex Shaw wrote:
> Hi
> In any case it makes it hard for small developers to want to support the 
> maze-like format. 6000 pages?!
> Back to simple tab-delimited files for me or..

Tab-delimited text can work!

Since you're working on a Mac... Here's what I do for one client and it's close 
enough to a spreadsheet for their needs:

on mouseUp
   -- make the output file
   set the fileType to "XCELTEXT"
   put reportContent() into url ("file:" & fld "outputFile")

   wait 1 tick

   -- open the output file if requested
   if the hilite of btn "openOutputFile" = true then
     launch document (fld "outputFile")
   end if
end mouseUp

The 'launch' command causes the file to be opened with Excel, since the file was 
written with a fileType of "XCELTEXT".

Phil Davis

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