revMail with Umlauts in Bodytext?

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Aug 27 09:58:13 EDT 2007

Hi Trevor,

> On Aug 27, 2007, at 4:30 AM, Klaus Major wrote:
>>> I am sure this has been answered some time in the past, but what  
>>> can I do
>>> to use the revMail command with Umlauts in the "body"?
>>> This does work:
>>> ...
>>> revMail "support at",,"The subject","Something without  
>>> Umlauts in it..."
>>> ...
>>> This does NOT work:
>>> ...
>>> revMail "support at",,"The subject","Sömething with  
>>> Ümläüts in it..."
>>> ...
>>> A mail is being generated, but the BODY is empty.
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> no hints anyone? C'mon, please! :-)
> You are trying this on OS X? If so I seem to recall coming across  
> this issue a long time ago and tracking it down to an AppleScript  
> issue. I don't remember any more than that though.

Yes, on OS X, but this has been already solved, please see Kenjis  
post from 14:15.

Does work with:
   put unidecode(the unicodeText of fld "tBody",UTF8) into tBody
   revmail tAddress,tCc,tSubject,tBody

although I have not the slightest idea WHY it does work this way :-)

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