OT: Future of PHP - LAMP Based Web Site Technology

Josh Mellicker josh at dvcreators.net
Sat Aug 25 02:32:37 EDT 2007

Here's part of Apple.com written in php:


Hehe, they have the old header from months ago... someone needs to  
wake up in that department.

On Aug 24, 2007, at 6:06 PM, Brian Yennie wrote:

> Sivakatirswami,
> FWIW, Flickr actually *is* written in PHP. They just use browser  
> friendly URLs (which are easily configured with Apache to hide  
> things like ".php" extensions). Cal Henderson, the original lead  
> developer, actually wrote a great book: Building Scalable Web Sites  
> (The Flickr Way) which uses PHP throughout.
> Facebook is also written in PHP, and many other large sites. I  
> think you'll find that the language has a huge installed base and  
> will be around quite some time.
> With that said, I would focus on what people with similar needs to  
> your are using - and don't assume that you can tell just by  
> visiting their site. If you can't tell what they are using, there  
> is a decent chance it's PHP!
> In regards to your html snippet, I would just say that using PHP  
> doesn't mean that you have to run *everything* through PHP. You can  
> most certainly supply links to static content. For example, there  
> is no reason per se to have your privacy policy coming from a PHP  
> file- it might as well just be privacy.html. If you use an off-the- 
> shelf CMS solution, you may find that everything gets tunneled  
> through PHP scripts, but even that is not so bad -- the performance  
> is quite good if properly configured (and/or if you aren't taking  
> on a huge amount of traffic). Either which way, I wouldn't find the  
> snippet you posted alarming - it all really depends on your needs  
> and what kind of data you are going to be displaying on those pages.
> Hope that helps and feel free to contact me off-list if you have  
> specific PHP questions that I might be able to help you with.
>> This is a super blue sky query for comment:
>> We're interested in possibly outsourcing some web dev. In response  
>> to any RFP we might issue
>> we will no doubt get a number of developers using LAMP. I already  
>> have one handy.
>> All his web sites are *.php based  (and table based) zero  
>> javascript or AJAX.
>> We are wondering about the future of putting a huge amount of data
>> into a PHP based web "container"
>> Anyone have any comments? PHP is alive and well and moving forward...
>> It is the basis for our wiki (PMwiki)
>> On the other hand I don't see any in use in many progressive "Web  
>> 2.0" sites.
>> Not a single page at www.apple.com  google or Flickr uses PHP.
>> If we were, e.g. to take "www.hinduismtoday.com" from it current  
>> "retro" state
>> (very much in need of a make over) to a new future, I'm concerned  
>> that
>> pouring all that content into LAMP, could throttle any movement  
>> forward after that...
>> Our content is a perfect candidate from offering API's for mashups.
>> And our "mission statement" would definitely involve taking the  
>> wrapper
>> off the data and making it available.
>> This kind of code (below) makes me nervous... but I don't know if  
>> my gut feeling
>> is simply based on ignorance of the unknown, or if it is a valid  
>> intuition that
>> if we went this direction we would be hobbling our future:
>> # every single dynamic element involves kicking the PHP can...
>> <br><font class=footer>
>> <A href=http://www.kauaiunitedway.org/ class=footermenu>Home</A>  |
>> <A href=subpage.php?main_cat_id=1 class=footermenu>About Kauai  
>> United Way</A>  |
>> <A href=subpage.php?main_cat_id=2 class=footermenu>Contribute</A>  |
>> <A href=subpage.php?main_cat_id=3 class=footermenu>Participating  
>> Agencies</A>  |
>> <A href=contact.php class=footermenu>Contact</A>  |
>> <A href=subpage.php?main_cat_id=5 class=footermenu>News</A>  |
>> <A href=subpage.php?main_cat_id=6 class=footermenu>Frequently  
>> Asked Questions</A>  |
>> <A href=sitemap.php class=footermenu>Sitemap</A>  |
>> <A href=privacy.php class=footermenu>Privacy</A>  |
>> <A href=linktous.php class=footermenu>Link to Us</A>
>> Insights anyone? This is a "no holds barred" discussion: tell it  
>> like you see it.
>> if it is felt this should not be exposed on the list, email me off  
>> list...
>> up to you. Though I suspect it would interest many here...
>> TIA:
>> Looking for the Big Picture
>> on Future Web Dev
>> Sivakatirswami
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