close the answer dialog from script

paolo mazza paolo.mazza at
Fri Aug 24 10:26:07 EDT 2007

Thanks for your help. I tryed to use the command

close stack "Answer Dialog"

Actually it closes the answer dialog but unfortunately the

exit to top 

command in the following line  does not work and the it does not stop.

See this sample. This script put "2" into message even if I did not press
any button.

Have a good day. Paolo

global TempoIniziale,gTEMPOCONTROL
on mouseUp
 put the seconds into TempoIniziale
  answer "You are great" with "OK" and "Annulla"
if it is "OK" then
put "1" into message
put "2" into message
end if	
end mouseUp

on ControlloTempo 
  put the seconds into TEMPO2
  -- put TEMPO2 && TempoIniziale  & return after  message
  if (TEMPO2 - TempoIniziale) > 4 then
    close stack "Answer Dialog"
    exit to top
    send "ControlloTempo" to me in 2 seconds
    put the result into gTEMPOCONTROL
  end if
end ControlloTempo

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