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I think *BSD executables are based on ELF binaries. Darwin is based on
Mach-O binaries. They are very different. This affects how the stuff is
organized inside the binary. Stuff such as shared library pointers, how
"symbols" are stored inside the standalone...

as for your question below, the answer is yes, some brazilian guy created
ACGI routines for Apache, guess who was the guy?

Its easy and it uses the darwin engine to load a simple CGI that passes the
control to a running revolution (actually any MacOS X) application. The
application receives an event based on old ACGI events popular during the
times of WebStar and MacHTTP. The reply from the app is piped back to the

For this to work, a user must be logged on the machine for this uses suEXEC
to and shell() commands to send the events around. This means that the user
must have his personal file sharing turned on for the CGI must be called
from inside a folder on the user account for suEXEC to work. We can't make
suEXEC work from outside any account. The only side effect of this is that
the URL to the CGI becomes something like:


the rrev.cgi is a CGI running under the darwin engine. It collects the HTTP
Request data, assembles an applescript call and send the Apple Event around.
Although rrev.cgi runs under the darwin engine, it is only a gateway to send
the events, the actual CGI might be a standalone or a revolution IDE or
anything that can send/receive apple events.

This was done for Dave Brooks and has been tested with HTTP Requests as big
as 8 megabytes... I think it can handle things well. Interested?


> Now able to rule out the old BSD build, I'm still not clear why we can't
> use the OS X build.  What am I not understanding?  Isn't there at least
> some way one can communicate between Apache and Rev on OS X via Apple
> events?
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