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Thu Aug 23 16:13:25 EDT 2007

Andre Garzia write:

> Richard,
> we can't. Darwin engine is the (sad) way to go. Don't know why but at least
> for me,the intel engine does not work as a CGI engine. I've tried the
> standalone engine too but that fails even worse.
> we need new darwin and linux engines...

There are two things I don't understand with this:

1. In the olden days the only BSD we had was for Intel PCs, and the 
complaint was that we needed PPC.  Now times have changed and what we 
need is Intel.  Why can't we use the old Intel one on Intel Macs?  What 
part of BSD for Intel did Apple cripple so that apps written for BSD on 
Intel won't run if the Intel machine running BSD happens to be a Mac? 
Or can we?

2. If other non-Darwin apps like SuperCard can be used as CGIs on Macs, 
and Rev standalones can be use used as CGIs on every other platform, why 
can't we just use OS X runtimes  or standalones on OS X rather than 
limit it to Darwin?

Extra bonus points:

- Is this Darwin requirement just Yet Another Apple Funkiness, or is 
this a limitation with Rev in which they could theoretically make an OS 
X runtime which could be used as a CGI without needing to limit this to 

- If Apache on OS X is limited to Darwin, what's the point? 
Specifically, why pay Apple prices for hardware if all you want to do is 
run BSD, which can be run on any generic box?*

- What known bugs exist with relying on Rosetta, and roughly how much of 
a performance loss comes into play from doing so?

Thanks in advance for enlightening me on this strange issue -

*Or better yet, use hosting like Dreamhost where you get a Linux server 
preconfigured for running Rev CGI, 162 GB space, automated nightly 
backups, on-site generators, and an army of nerds staring at the server 
farm 24/7, all for just $9.95 a month.   How many people really saddle 
themselves with hosting their own hardware theses days?  On what, DSL?  ;)

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