The CD drive: detecting insertion.

Andre Garzia andre at
Thu Aug 23 14:09:44 EDT 2007

what about parsing the output of the 'mount' command?

On 8/23/07, David Bovill <david at> wrote:
> I want to detect the insertion of a CD into a drive - the way that
> QuickTime
> / DVD players do on most platforms...
>    - Is there any way to tell/suggest the path to the CD / DVD drive(s)?
> I thought of using the volumes function and removing the names of all the
> volumes that were there before the CD / DVD was inserted, but ran into the
> problem that long DVD titles are truncated by the volumes function... is
> there a better way to do this. I seem to remember from Linux days that the
> drives are mounted at a specific mount point - so this should hold up for
> OSX as well?
> The ultimate would be to do proper auto-detection. From a quick search it
> seems that there are some libraries that allow you to do this.... but it
> does not seem possible easily - that is with AppleScript or the
> equivalent.
> What would it take to get a Rev app to receive the events that the system
> sends out and Apps like QuickTime trap?
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