[sightly OT] XMLhttprequest + Rev cgi problem : xml data truncated

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Tue Aug 21 07:29:59 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

I'm trying to work with XMLhttprequest and Rev cgi and am encountering
a problem : the response from the cgi script is truncated on the browser
side when its length > 50 Kb...

I know that my code is 100% correct (both on server and client sides)
everything works fine as long as the xml code generated by the cgi < 50

What I'm trying to do is to generate a complex TABLE object from
of a DB with the cgi and put it inside a DIV in my webpage. Again this
when the size of data downloaded < 50 Kb.

I'm using a POST request with XMLhttprequest, but the truncation happens

only in the output, so it has nothing to do with any limitation of the
parameters (besides I've check my cgi scrpt and all request data are
received OK).

I've also tried to set Content-Length to the size of my data in the cgi
but to no effect : the xml data is still truncated and I get an error
message about
missing tags.

Hours of google searches brought several posts on various forums by ppl
seemed to face the same problem and asked about it, but none seemed able
give an adequate answer...
Some ppl mention that problems appear only with FF which seems to chop
every string longer than 4Kb in successive childnodes of 4 Kb...
But my problem appears with FF and IE as well...

And of course I haven't found this problem documented anywhere in FF or
IE docs...

So, if anyone on this list has already worked with XMLhttprequest and
amount of xml data, please let me know if you encountered the same
and how you solved it...

Thanks in advance,

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