why can't I create a folder with a variable?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Tue Aug 21 04:50:20 EDT 2007

Hi Tiemo,

When creating a folder "C:/Temp/foo", it assumes that the folder  
named Temp does exists yet or nothing will happen:

on mouseUp
   local tFolder ,tResult
   put "C:/Temp/foo" into tFolder
   put CreateFolder(tFolder) into tResult --
   switch tResult
   case empty -- all went well
   case "can't create that directory" -- error
     -- statements
   case "Folder exists yet." -- just FYI
     -- statements
   end switch
end mouseUp
function CreateFolder pFolderPath
   if there is no folder pFolderPath then
     set the itemDelimiter to slash
     repeat with i = 2 to the number of items of pFolderPath
       if there is no folder (item 1 to i of pFolderPath) then
         create folder (item 1 to i of pFolderPath)
         if the result <> empty then return the result
       end if
     end repeat
     return empty
   else return "Folder exists yet."
end CreateFolder

Hope this helps.
Note that error handling is always important in any code snippet :-)

Le 21 août 07 à 09:32, Tiemo Hollmann TB a écrit :

> Hello,
> when saying:
> create folder "C:/Temp/foo" -- it works like expected
> when saying:
> put  "C:/Temp/foo" into myFolder
> create folder myFolder -- nothing happens
> I even tried it with:
> put  "C:/Temp/foo" into myFolder
> create folder merge(quote & myFolder & quote) -- nothing happens
> any idea, what I a missing is appreciated

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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