How am I supposed to answer a Post???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 20 15:07:08 EDT 2007

Len Morgan wrote:

> How exactly am I supposed to answer on this list?  I asked a question 
> this morning, recieved a reply from Eric.  I tried to clarify my 
> question and it hasn't shown up on the mail archives.  I tried to send 
> it twice.  I'm using "RE:" and the original subject of the question.  
> What am I doing wrong?
> I get the digest version and I'm using the address at the top of the 
> digest emails.  Do I HAVE to receive individual emails (most on subjects 
> that don't interest me) in order to engage in a "conversation" on a problem?

I'm on digest mode too.  Most of the time I read messages on the web:

To reply to a message or send any new message just send your email to 
<use-revolution at>.

If replying to the digest, it's good form to change the subject line to 
match the thread you're replying too.  For example, if your thread is 
"My Stack Became Part of Rev IDE!!!", in reply kindly make the subject 
"Re: My Stack Became Part of Rev IDE!!!".

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