combining sound files

Mark Smith mark at
Sat Aug 18 22:01:12 EDT 2007

Nicolas, glad you got it working! The three .au files I have to hand  
are loud and noisy, which is probably why I didn't notice the click.



On 19 Aug 2007, at 01:55, Nicolas Cueto wrote:

> Mark, I found the cause of the "click".
> There's a typo in the stack script, i.e.,
>   put char (tFileInfo["heaerSize"]
> I retyped it as "headerSize", and the
> "clicks" no longer appear in the
> concatenated au file.
> Again, thank you for this stack. It's going
> to enable me to easily produce more
> listening materials for my classrooms.
> --
> Nicolas Cueto
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