Windows firewall issues and Rev

Richard Miller wow at
Sat Aug 18 08:38:34 CDT 2007

I'm running into a problem with a certain number of users where our  
Rev software is being blocked from operating by Windows Firewall. I  
don't really understand what is going on, so maybe a few questions  
will help. To my knowledge, these users don't have the Firewall  
configured any differently than other users of our program who are  
not running into a blocking problem.

I've noticed that, when I look at the Exceptions area in Windows  
Firewall, it lists the Rev engine in there. I decided to delete that  
exception. Yet, when I open Rev to start programming, it opens  
fine... nothing gets blocked yet. Two questions:

1. What would I need to do in Rev to cause the Firewall to kick into  

2. Does Rev automatically adjust Windows Firewall during installation  
to create an exception? I don't remember ever telling Windows to not  
block Rev.

Richard Miller

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