Making Instruction Movies of Apps Made with Rev on a Mac

Blair Morrissey blairmorrissey at
Fri Aug 17 10:29:20 EDT 2007

I like Rev's movie instructions for Rev. I would like to make similar  
movies for a Rev-made app I finally getting 'done'.

The plan is to make the audio part of the instructional video first.  
Then, as the audio plays (elsewhere, but where I can hear it), use  
some (hopefully inexpensive) software to  grab successive window  
shots as I demo how to use my app in real time with the audio.

I need ideas and the software to get the (screen) window  shots  
(video) of my app.

Suggestions much appreciated. For now, I practice  to rrolling my  
rrrr's in prep for doing the audio.

Blair Morrissey

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