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viktoras didziulis viktoras at
Wed Aug 15 03:34:11 EDT 2007

Thanks Sarah for the reply! Seems the only option is to copy images from 
standard library to the actual stack before using them. Thanks again.

Best regards

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> I use Revolution 2.6.1 to build executables (for Windows, MacOSX and
>> Linux) that use images from Revolution's own standard image library. In
>> a script images are referred to using their numeric id. Everything works
>> within the IDE, but these images do not appear in the compiled
>> application. How can I enforce the images from the standard library be
>> imported during compilation of a stack ? Or is manual placement of these
>> standard images on a stack the only way to do this?
> There used to be an option in the standalone builder to include these
> standard images, but that disappeared a while ago. It always seemed a
> bit extravagant to include every image when you on;y needed one or two
> anyway. My preference is to place the images in my stack, give them a
> high ID number so they cannot conflict with any standard icons, then
> hide them. After that your buttons can use them as icons whenever
> needed.
> Some people like to make a 2 card stack with all the images on the 2nd
> card, or to make a sub-stack that contains all their images. If you do
> either of these, then you don't have to hide them. I guess it just
> depends how many images you need to deal with.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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