Proper Field Validation Methods and other annoyances...

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Tue Aug 14 12:51:33 EDT 2007

>It should be noted that I'm using Galaxy.  I'd try switching back to 
>the Rev IDE except that I can't seem to remove Galaxy (even 
>following their instructions.  It's like a bad rash - it just keeps 
>coming back!), I'm afraid of the "script eating tendency" of Galaxy 
>if you dare to attempt to use another editor.  I've lost countless 
>days of work to this "feature."

you probably have a second plugins folder somewhere...

plugs can go in two places...

1. Inside the folder that contains the currently running Rev 
IDE/Executable. There's a plugins folder there.

2.  on the mac, there's a   user/documents/my revolution enterprise/ 
(or my revolution studio) folder that contains user plugs, externals, 
resources and drivers. There is a similar arrangement on Windoze.
This is a place where you can install these tools and not have to 
constantly re-install them in the plugins folder near the Rev core 
exe every time there's an update. This makes the (semi)- auto update 

Older versions of Galaxy, indeed, started getting funny running the 
last few Rev updates, and I get the feeling that Jerry and Trevor are 
working day and night to get the 2.0 version ready for prime time. 
The new beta that I use is wonderful and I can't work without it. 
I'd have to say without a doubt these two guys know more about the 
Rev environment than anyone else on earth except the Rev team 


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