using mci send string for audio and video on windows

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Mon Aug 13 17:24:53 EDT 2007


Yes it is amazing that a lot of systems out there still dont have  
it... Problem with school systems is lots of times PC labs are these  
all in one setups where all machines are the same and everything is  
installed from one master set of cds. they dont like doing anything  
thats not on those cds! We also have folks with a lot more fear on  
the PC side in downloading and installing something on their PC, even  
if its from a big company like Apple. the seem more worried about  
viruses and spyware than it just conflicting with something on their  
system (a legitimate worry).

Its made life a bit tough on the education side with multimedia.  
Still really worry about having split development, that always ends  
up more work than you ever plan for in my experience!



On Aug 13, 2007, at 1:00 PM, use-revolution-request at  

> Given the ubiqitous status of the ipod and itunes, you'd think Apple
> would do its best to see that at least Dells, HP's, and Gateways come
> with Quicktime installed (maybe they do, but it doesn't seem like
> it).  Last year my son had to present a multimedia project for his
> 8th grade science and it was a major pain to get the teacher able to
> play the project back.  Finally a student downloaded and installed
> Quicktime for her.
> Mark

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