Resolved--> Re: Bug prevents Rev from building a standalone PC application

Phil Davis revdev at
Sun Aug 12 15:58:30 EDT 2007

Along the same line - I discovered the other day that the Standalone Builder 
(2.8.1 gm3) will not (or would not in my case) build a standalone with a Rev 
file whose extension is not ".rev".

Phil Davis

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Arthur Rann wrote:
>> Of course, I tried removing this, that, and the other, until I was
>> left with a single card, with no scripts, no custom properties, nada.
>> At that point, it was exactly the same as a blank, empty project.
>> Except the name.
>> The name was set to 'test.rev', which is the correct name of the
>> stack. On a whim, I changed it to get rid of the '.rev' at the end, in
>> the stack properties. I saved it, and it 'stuck'. I built, and wow--it
>> builds!
> Okay, that makes some sense to me. You can refer to a stack in a script 
> by either its short name (the one in stack properties) or by its file 
> path. Apparently the engine assumes that a stack name with an extension 
> is a file path on disk. I can see how this might mess up the standalone 
> builder, which probably always assumes that the short name is never a 
> disk-based reference.
> Stack names in the property inspector should never include an extension, 
> I suspect.

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