testing CGI help?

Robert Mann robmann at gp-racing.com
Fri Aug 10 13:26:11 EDT 2007

How do I find out if in the following theBuffer is empty?




--| PayPal PDT CGI

--| (c)Thomas McCarthy

--| speakup at mac

--| March 1, 2006

--| Used to present a web page to customers


on startup


  --read info

 put $QUERY_STRING into theBuffer

  put theBuffer into theTermsArray --keep the original info.

  put "myLibUrl.rev" into theStack

  start using stack theStack

  put the result into tresult

  split theTermsArray by "&" and "="

  put theTermsArray["tx"] into tvalue

  put "cmd=_notify-synch" into tnotify

  put "&tx=" & tvalue into tToken

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