Rev CGI Post

Robert Mann robmann at
Thu Aug 9 12:21:30 EDT 2007

PDT is sent in the GET format but I get a fail at the end

put $QUERY_STRING into theBuffer
  put theBuffer into theTermsArray --keep the original info.
  put "myLibUrl.rev" into theStack
  start using stack theStack
  put the result into tresult
  split theTermsArray by "&" and "="
  put theTermsArray["tx"] into tvalue
  put "cmd=_notify-synch" into tnotify
  put "&tx=" & tvalue into tToken
  put "&at=DB_GvV-ZUCB6mCpN-WPfCA99_2xRO6-g8Eb2vKE7-6EGz9T5q6hWmepQMsG" into
   put tnotify & tToken & myID into x
  post x to url ""  -->TAKE OUT
   put the result into postbackresult
   if "success" is not in it then
    put "some problem was encountered..." & line 1 of it & line 2 of it into
    ----Keep a log if you have problems--------------
    	-- & cr & theBuffer & cr & "I posted this: " & x & cr & "postback
result: " & postbackresult into tresult
    put "Content-Type: text/html" & cr & cr
    put  tresult
    exit startup  --end it here
  end if

on the web page the following is displayed

some problem was encountered...FAIL

when I set up Website Payment Preferences, auto return is turned on, ruturn
url set to

but when paypal sends the customer back to the above url there is nothing
appended to the url, should there be? Or where does the above cgi fill

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