Smoothest Way To Play Video

Bridger Maxwell bridgeyman at
Thu Aug 9 00:20:43 EDT 2007

Hey,  I have a short video (3 seconds?) that plays very choppy, that I need
to run smoothly on an old computer (500 MHz).  Right now, it is playing from
a player object with the movie file referenced.  It is layered, so its
alwaysBuffer must be set to true.  It also has a few callbacks that must be
included.  All of this added up makes the movie play extremely choppy, and
it really looks quite terrible.  I am looking for any tips to make a video
play smoothly.  Is there a magic setting I can use, a way to pre-load the
video in memory, or a certain compression format to use that works well with
Revolution?  I think the setting that really makes it run slow is the
alwaysBuffer, but without it, I can't have the player underneath other
objects.  Is there an alternative to this?

  Thank You,
     Bridger Maxwell

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