Best place for putting preferences on a PC?

Arthur Rann arthur.rann at
Wed Aug 8 23:02:06 EDT 2007


I have a cross-platform app I wrote in RunRev. I just know very little
about PC programming. I'd like to store a user preference file on
their hard drive. On the Mac, I'll put it in their prefs folder. On
the PC though, where does that go?

Also, is there a way to obtain the MAC address for their network card,
or a machine ID of some sort? I'm looking for a cross-platform
solution, ideally. I need to tie something somewhat permanent to their
serial number. I know the shortcomings of this approach, I'm just
looking for a simple solution I can implement quickly. MAC address
would be fine. My app will be used in schools, and probably in
situations where they'd be tempted to stick a copy on more than one
machine and not pay for additional licenses, unless I can at least
make it somewhat tricky for them to do so. I already have a working
serial number system in place, I just need some key for the hardware
it's initially installed on.

Lastly, I noticed recently that when I go to build the standalone
version (a demo) of my app, I get some kind of weird errors in a giant
box when I build. It only happened recently, but I get it
consistently, every time I try to build that app. It looks like
there's a problem with revCopyExternals. I don't get that problem in
other demos I'm working on that are very similar (only text is
different, but there's a lot of text), so I think it's a corrupted
file. Is there a way to 'pull' the project data out of one .rev file
and move it to a new file?


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