Recording sounds -- delay in starting?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Tue Aug 7 17:48:53 EDT 2007

I guess it's the buffer starting up first before recording. It would 
have to be constantly running for it to be able to start instantly. 
Some dedicated audio apps can 'pre listen' the audio stream 
constantly and avoid missed cues. Rev audio is not that 
sophisticated.  Buffer latency would be a nice property to have.

The delay is a bit annoying. I made a stack that uses a prompt for 
the voice over reader to wait until it turns red and "record" for a 
cue. It works quite well. Let the app cue you when to transfer or 
speak, not the other way around.

>>>Is there any other way to record sounds in Revolution, other than 
>>>*record sound file "/filepath/"*?
>>>Record sound file with Rev 2.8.1 on my Windows XP takes 2-3 
>>>seconds to start recording, which seems unacceptable.  Is there 
>>>any faster way to record a sound?
>>>Stopping recording also takes about 2 seconds, which seems a bit much.
>>>The program I'm replacing with my Rev app records and plays back 
>>>almost instantaneously.
>>>Peter T. Evensen


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