Inserting images as BLOBs - any way to avoid using base64encode?

Terry Judd tsj at
Tue Aug 7 07:20:11 EDT 2007

Hi Viktoras - the problem with storing images in a stack is that you have to
read the entire stack into memory even if you only access one image (whether
it's in a custom property or not). I've your suggested approach before but
with each image having its own stack to get around the memory issue - I
don't want to go down that path this time though.



> Hi Terry,
> it is too easy to extract images from sqlite database unless they are
> encrypted somehow. So if you simply store them in the database as blobs,
> they wont be protected from stealing. Alternative way to go is to store
> images in an encrypted stack as custom properties (instead of using a
> folder) and store names of these properties in the database.
> Viktoras
> Terry Judd wrote:
>> Thanks Andre - I've used that sort of approach in the past but the guys
>> providing the content on this project are very protective of their stuff
>> (images) and a 'real' database seems the best option.
>> Regards,
>> Terry...

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