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Mon Aug 6 18:51:33 EDT 2007

An example of POSTing with curl:

function curlPost pData, pURL
   put the tempName into tFile
   put urlEncode(pData) into URL ("binfile:" & tFile)
   put "curl -s --data-binary @" & tFile && pURL into tCurlString
   put shell(tCurlString) into tResponse
   delete file tFile
   return tResponse
end curlPost

Note that it's easier (I find) to put your post data into a file  
rather than try to pass it to the shell directly.

For more info on using curl :,  
or type "man curl" in a terminal window (on mac OS X)



On 6 Aug 2007, at 23:32, Robert Mann wrote:

> Any info on how this is done?
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> Friends,
> If you guys are using CGIs for that, usually you can use shell() to  
> call
> cURL or wget. I think it's a nice way to talk with PayPal IPN
> Cheers
> andre
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