Shy Images

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Thu Aug 2 13:22:32 EDT 2007

Thanks for the help Ken and Dave.  Ken's routine worked almost untouched 
(just a little renaming of the variables).

I'm having a few problems where the "mouseRelease" message is getting 
sent (it drops the picture where the mouse button was let go) but then 
it still seems to think I'm holding down the button and I've still got 
an image that's getting dragged around.  This leaves images laying 
around all over the screen.

Since the code Ken wrote has a "delete sTarget" (which is the image that 
I'm dragging around) I don't know why I still have an image.  I don't 
need this dragged image (all I really want to know at the end of the day 
is the group I started dragging from and the group I dragged it to.  
After that, I'll use script to do the behind curtain stuff that will 
delete the picture in the original group and set the filename on the new 

Ken's code seemed perfect for this since it copies the original image 
and drags around a copy which gets deleted when I let go of the mouse. 
At least that's the theory.


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