save data in custom properties in a stack- or a text file?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Aug 2 12:29:14 EDT 2007

Josh Mellicker wrote:

>>> entering/reading data manually: text file way easier
>> What is "manually" in this context?  What other processes in the  
>> workflow require "manual" editing?
> Basically I was saying typing stuff in a text file is easier than  
> altering custom properties with a property editor and the message  
> box; (mostly during development)

If this manual editing only involves the developer it's a wash, since 
the developer can easily edit custom props.

And if for the user, whether a text file or a property it would be more 
convenient to provide a UI for editing such things, and I can't see why 
the UI for either would necessarily be more complicated than another.

One area where text files can be advantageous is when the file must be 
created by other software.  Other than that it seems a wash.

> What if your data was this:
> Revolution Coders
> 2.0
> Richard,,
> Jacqueline,, 
> Resources.html
> Andre,, 
> index.html 
> ----
> Would you tend to store the above in a text file? Or custom props?

For myself it would depend on a number of other factors:

- Will I ever need to store other lists related to this one?
- Will the system ever benefit from adding metadata to the data storage?
- How quickly will I need to access elements?
- Are such accesses more often sequential batches or individual items?

If I'm reading your posts correctly it sounds to my ear like you've 
already decided.  If it works, why change?

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