Vista dilemma

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Thu Aug 2 11:23:49 EDT 2007

I'm wondering if anyone can help with this.

I've got a standalone that, by default, is installed to the Program  
Files directory. At one point, it performs a check to see if the  
currently logged in user can write to that directory. Right now I  
just have it attempt to write to a file and then delete the file.  
Under Win 2000/XP this seems to work great, but under Vista the darn  
VirtualStore "feature" is fouling things up.

So, question number one. Is there some way to tell my standalone, or  
the Vista OS, that I really and truly want my check to be performed  
on the Program Files directly, and not have things redirected to the  

Question number two. If the above is not possible, is there some way  
to determine (via shell command perhaps) what type of user is  
currently logged in to the computer (i.e. admin, standard, etc.)? And  
if so, would this command be available to by any user to run from the  
shell? This would be a better way to go all around if it's possible.


Chris Sheffield
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The Fluency Company

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