save data in custom properties in a stack- or a text file?

Josh Mellicker josh at
Wed Aug 1 19:09:01 EDT 2007

I know stacks are a nice way to save a lot of data because it can be  
organized by custom property and custom property set.

But what about a simple list of data consisting of name, URL, and a  
couple other fields, that needs to be downloaded from a server- would  
you save the data in:

A. a stack in custom properties?

B. Or a text file?

The information in this case will never get more complicated, though  
is remotely possible a data field or two might be added in the  
future. But the data will never evolve to be complex, it will always  
merely be a list of files.

Here is my comparison:

writing to/reading from: code must be written for both, text file a  
little easier

entering/reading data manually: text file way easier

encrypting: a tie

adding data "fields": a tie, easy in either (you must think ahead)

possible data corruption: a tie

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