unidecode broken on Intel Macs?

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Wed Aug 1 08:45:09 EDT 2007

Hi friends,

maybe I missed this, but looks like unidecode broken is on Intel Macs?
OS X 10.4.10Rev 2.8.1 gm3 (or whatever was the last build)

I developed a routine on an G5 to import VCF cards in 2.x AND 3.x  
Format 3.x comes (from addressbook) in uniencod-ed.

Then I simply:
put unidecode(var_in_uniencoded_format) into var_in_2_format
and could work with the data in "var_in_2_format".

Now on my Intel Mac mini "var_in_2_format" is EMPTY afterwards?
What gives? Is this alreday "Quality Center"ed?
Could not find a hint there...


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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