Shy Images

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Wed Aug 1 08:12:09 EDT 2007

I've got a problem with trying to drag an image from one group to 
another.  The image seems to be behind every other object on the page.

What I have is a 4 x 3 grid of groups.  Each group has an image, a 
couple of text fields, and another small group of circles that look like 
a traffic light.

What I'm trying to do is move the image from one group to another (this 
represents moving inmates in a jail from room to room by the way).  I 
don't really even want to move the image.  I just need to know the 
starting group and the ending group.  The rest I can do in script. 

What's happening though is when I click and drag on the "source" image, 
it starts moving just fine until it reaches the border of any other 
group or even another field in it's own group then it disappears behind 
it.  I've tried setting it's layer to the number of controls (thanks 
Markus!) but it didn't change anything.  As I said above, I don't really 
want to move the image (in the programming sense of the word), I just 
want it to look like the user is dragging the image, capture the name of 
the group that it was dropped on, then I'll move the picture myself.

Any ideas?  Could I somehow duplicate the image I start with, make it a 
top level image, and switch what Rev thinks it's dragging to that?


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