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Sat Sep 30 20:32:26 EDT 2006

Regarding mp4 playback, I understand (at least in Rev 2.7.1 which I'm using) 
that mp4 has to be incorporated as a referenced control rather than an 
imported control as mp4 does not import well, at least in 2.7.1.   Assuming that the 
movie is used as a referenced control, how can one build the stack as a 
universal binary or Intel-only standalone?   Is this a feature of later versions of 
Steve Goldberg

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> > A quick question - I have a QuickTime mp4 - which plays fine in
> > QuickTime Player - but with Rev o the intel PowerMac I have here - the
> > fan goes really crazy and the film stutters a bit. What"s the low down
> > on the difference in getting QuickTime to play movies from QuickTime
> > Player or Rev?
> Are you playing this through a standalone or the Rev IDE? Because if it's a
> standalone, you'll have to build it as a Universal Binary or Intel Only
> standalone otherwise QuickTime will be interpreted through the Rosetta
> interpreter and will slow down QT playback...
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