Major apps developed with Revolution? (on Mac OS X)

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Sep 30 17:20:33 CDT 2006

Kevin Walzer wrote:

> I'm currently evaluating Revolution 2.7 as a development tool. One thing
> I'm trying to learn more about is what are some prominent applications
> that are developed with Revolution and that I can try out on Mac OS X.
> Looking at the Revolution website, most of the applications I have found
> are either applications targeted *at* Revolution developers--add-ons,
> IDE's, and the like--or are applications that are so specialized and/or
> narrow in their niche that I can't really evaluate them. I am a
> shareware developer, so I'm especially interested in Revolution-based
> apps that are low-cost (under $50), have a Mac-compliant look-and-feel,
> and some user-base/sales success. I'm trying to get a handle on whether
> anyone is successfully using Revolution in the Mac shareware market.
> Can anyone point me to applications that fit these criteria? Thanks.

It isn't exactly the criteria you asked for, but in addition to the list 
at my site, which Stephen Barncard kindly pointed to, there is also this:


This is a commercial application, and the next version is already in 

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