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Adrian Williams adrian at
Sat Sep 30 14:11:29 EDT 2006

I'm new to Revolution (using 2.7.3 trial on Mac OS X)
and want to create both Mac+Win programs of the solution.

In a text field I want the User to enter text.
The useUnicode will be set to true for a double-byte font which
will be developed with special characters.
(Although I want to test this with any single-byte first).

As the User types each letter from the keyboard I need the program to:

1. check which (if any) letters are BEFORE the cursor/insertion point
2. check which (if any) letters are AFTER the cursor/insertion point
3. REPLACE beforeCharacter, enteredCharacter and afterCharacter
from a table that has been prepared in advance.

For example, as the User enters text;
ABCDE is entered but needs to be replaced with additional characters -

Once entered, it may need to be corrected;
AggBhhC is already on-screen.
User places insertion point somewhere in the word and begins
entering more text, which again, must refer to the table for 

I've looked at the relevant ways I think it should be done but as I'm
completely new to Rev, this is just beyond my scope at the moment.
A starting point would be very helpful if anyone can assist?

Adrian Williams
"Club Type"

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