Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Fri Sep 29 22:49:40 EDT 2006

> D) Note, that commercial license do not say that IF you use 
> driver but store db on some ISP host you get it for free. 
> Commercial license says: IF your non-GPL app uses driver - 
> you must pay. Point.

Yes, this is how dreamhost lets you have all those nice apps - like Ken
said, you don't lay your hands on much of anything.

> P.S. (sorry for kind of advertise, which I consider as information):
> Valentina have quite REVERSE nature of license for Valentina 
> Embedded Server that was designed specially for Application 
> Developers.

And there you have it - the Valentina license was designed to compete with
mySQL :-)

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