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>> In general there are (IMHO) two free uses of mySQL: (1) distributing a fully
>> GPL-compliant application, and (2) accessing a mySQL DB at an ISP via
>> browser-based input (or the equivalent), so that the drivers and database
>> are fully in the hands of the ISP and there's nothing for you to
>> "distribute".
>> I may be wrong, but this is my understanding of the licensing arrangements.
> Hi Ken,
> MySQL commercial license require that you pay
> b) PER YEAR 

Note that the license is usually negotiated with the customer, so it may end
up being one, two, or all of the above, depending. MySQL AB, although they
are (as I think Lynn put it) "profiting on the confusion of the licensing
arrangements", they are also quite flexible in their licensing and are
willing to adjust things based on the specific parameters of the application
being distributed. (At least, that's how they have been to me.)

As always, it's a "right tool for the right job" kind of argument. There are
many situations where Valentina/PostgreSQL/mySQL/SQLLite/(fill in your
favorite DB) doesn't fit the bill.

Just my 2 cents from personal experience,

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