Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Fri Sep 29 18:16:37 EDT 2006

>I'm not sure if I have this right.
>Rev includes some MySQL drivers with the package. But we can't 
>distribute an application built using those drivers without some 
>kind of license with MySQL inc.?
>is that right?

Probably yes, although I am not qualified to give legal advice :) The 
licensing fees that RR pays to MySQL likely cover only their 
distributing the drivers with their products, that is in essence your 
using them in Rev IDE. RR may be even exempted since they sell a 
development environment. Either way, the way I read it, if you 
produce a commercial program that you sell (that probably includes 
also work for hire unless clients pays MySQL) and it includes MySQL 
drivers or requires users to use MySQL, then you need to pay license 
to MySQL.

It would actually be nice if RR could clarify this for us.


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